Inte Nudda Golv

Two circus artists, one rope, one trapeze and 150 wooden blocks. The game ’Don’t touch the floor’ starts now!

The concept comes from the game ‘Don’t touch the floor’ where the children can recognise them selfs in the game. Since we both hang in the air, we take the game to a completely new level. The story is simple but the acrobatics is advanced. We work and develop material from games, physical challenges and ”action/reaction” principals so that all children can be a part no matter the background, culture or language. Without ever touching the floor they jump, swing, climb, balance and play together. It all ends up in a huge block tower that they build. A story about friendship, trust and balance.

Composer: Jonatan Krogh

With support from the city of Stockholm

Download Rider and info.pdf.

Kompani Tofs

A unified bundle of something that sprawl in all directions