Karin Melin

The circus journey started at an early age on the kitchen table after dinner when she wanted to show everybody that she can stand in a bridge while singing a song. She became fast the cartwheel champion in her school since she could cartwheel all the way to the cafeteria. Later on, between 1997-2007 she has trained and played shows all over the world with her youth circus Ludvika Minicirkus. The circus journey have then continued, in 2014 she graduated from the well-known school DOCH, dance and circus university.

In Karins work one can often see depictions of her childhood and how she puts great value to her imagination. She twists and turns ordinary objects and expresses her art strongly by placing her self on a trapeze and then balances freely on her head. Orderly and alert is she always and she priority her work most of all. From Karin you’ll get quality with a pinch of sugar.


                                               Elsa Näslund

Elsa started as an eight-year-old at Norrköpings ungdomscirkus and hasn’t stopped hanging upside down since. Human pyramids, contortion and aerials was always the favourites. She continued her studies at Cirkus Cirkörs high-school program and later on at Fontys University for Circus and Performance Art in the Netherlands. She now has a diploma in Vertical rope and she finds knots very interesting. She has since 2014 toured abroad with the contemporary circus company B-side Company and also given circus classes.


Kompani Tofs is a newly started business by and with Karin & Elsa - also they a bundle of something that sprawls in all directions. Just so. They sprawls and tangles and sometimes end up out of balance. Luckily they have each other and can find back the balance, disentangle nodules and create joyful performances for children. The Company is committed to reach out culture to those children who from different reasons have trouble to get into culture by themselves. We have as well an offer with a workshop together with the show where a lot of focus lays on balance, coordination and imagination.

Kompani Tofs

A unified bundle of something that sprawl in all directions